Acing an Interview

From the Week 4 lecture on ‘Secret Interview Techniques’, what I understood was that there are basically 3 stages in the process of landing the first professional job.

The first is the actual phone call from the recruiter, followed by the actual interview stage with a panel of professionals and the third could be another round with the company head.  Whatever the job might be, there are a certain things that need to be thought about.

  1. Why would the company hire me?
  2. Why do I want this job?
  3. What additional inputs can I provide for the job to make my work better and more interesting.
  4. Am I qualified enough for the job?

These are the questions i would think to myself before applying to any job, it would very from person to person.

The most important quality anyone is going to look for is ‘Passion’. Being an Audio Production student, passion plays a very important role in our line of work. Being passionate about the projects is essential as it makes the quality of the work so much better.

“Look for passion. Smart people are passionate about the projects they work on. They get very excited talking about the subject. They talk quickly, and get animated. Being passionately negative can be just as good a sign”(SAE Creative Institute, 2015)

To work in studios is to be literally working with machines and equipment so the knowledge of these hardwares is very much essential to us as every mixing desk differs from one another, every mic gives a different response to a sound and so on. But in order to actually land the job, preparation is key. You need to really know your stuff if you want the job. For example, in the world of audio or music, knowledge on different techniques of recording is essential along with a deep understanding of hardwares and softwares because these are the tools we would be working with. The key to a successful interview is adequate preparation. Most employers ask the same basic questions, so prepare answers before an interview( Intellectual Reserve, 2016). A thorough preparation just boosts your confidence level. A company is not going to hire someone who does not know their basics. To avoid your mind going blank during the interview, prepare beforehand by brainstorming all the possible questions you may get asked.  Look at the job description to see what sort of qualities, skills and experience are needed for the role (Madgex,2012).

I find that these are key factors to be remembered in order to ace an interview. Preparation, skill and passion. When these qualities are built upon, confidence comes with it by itself and the interview stage will seem a lot more smooth. Showing passion for the job creates an image of yourself on the minds of the interviewers and this impression could be something that can make a difference.



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