What are my strengths and Weaknesses as a learner? What am i really good at and what do i need to work on? What resources are available in college to achieve my goal?

My Strengths and What I am good at

I am very enthusiastic about my work and very willing to learn. My background in music production and training in music allows me to work quick and productively in the studio. I also like to have a plan before i work so i can use the time more effectively and manage my time well. This habit was inculcated in me because of my father. And I think I am very methodical and I practice as much as i can enabling me to know my stuff and how to work productively.

My Weaknesses and what i need to work on

Working with too many people in a studio affects my working process as i prefer my space and privacy, also the fact that ”Too many cooks spoil the broth”. I cannot get work done the way i want to if there are too many opinions around me because when i set my mind towards something i like to work towards it. I think i need to work on my inter-personal skills and probably learn to accept other’s ideas without affecting the overall product of the work.

SAE provides a great platform for the students. The library resources, the studios, the classrooms and not to forget the fantastic faculty who are very well trained and experienced. I am extremely happy to be a part of such a great organization and very grateful of how they are moulding us to become great producers and engineers.  What I love the most is the student access to the studios which helps me practice what has been taught in class and stay up to date. I am positive that with the resources that SAE provides alongwith my hardwork i can achieve my goal!

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