My Working Space

My working space usually depends upon my mindset. Even if the physical space is perfect. If there’s something troubling me or if there’s something on my mind , my overall work is affected.

Let me show you my Physical Space for working



This is my mini home studio setup for my production work. I can carry this anywhere I want and this is my getaway from the real world and always has been. Playing my guitar helps me destress and gives me peace of mind. Making music on ‘Cubase’ for so many years now. My physical space includes my ‘Alhambra’ guitar and my studio, and they just take me to another world.


My work output majorly depends on my mental space. If there’s something at the back of my mind my work is affected heavily. What I like to do in that case is- Clear it out. Playing the guitar helps me do that. And also


I like to keep my favourite books around me such as ‘The Alchemist’ by Paulo Coelho and ‘The Shining’ by Stephen King. These books induce a sense of excitement and thoughtfulness in my mind and provide me with the peace of mind I need to work and takes all the negativity off my mind.


I don’t actually see a scope of improvement in my working space. I am pretty habituated with the way I have been working for years now. Maybe in a few years I will be able to travel and that will expand the limitations in my thinking space.






The Alchemist:


Coelho, P. and Clarke, A. R. (2006) The Alchemist: A fable about following your dream. San Francisco: HarperCollins Publishers


The Shining


King, S. (2011) The shining. London: Hodder Paperback

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